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It's been a while since I had some spare time to get back into the Sat Art, but this is the year folks. ( I think I said the same thing last year!! I also think I said thatXmas will be here before we know it, back in Jan 2009, and guess what, it has been and gone.

MORE SCIENCE AND ART- Art just aint standard ol' paint anymore.

More science and art:

Now if we mere mortals could get our hands on some Government funding, we too may be able to spend our time doing what we love.
Check out this website for a bit of inspiration. Just an other form of Sat Art, with just a little--just only a little-- bit more technology involved.

" Dr Peter Morse (TAS) + Dr Martin Riddle (Australian Antarctic Division, TAS) + Paul Bourke (Western Australian Supercomputer Project, University of Western Australia, WA). Morse draws on his substantial experience in digital media production to create work engaging with the Antarctic region." His more recent works have utilised 3D, stereoscopic and 360° immersive technologies, leading to a continuing interest in the visualisation of complex datasets. Working with data provided by the AAD and using the computer resources and expertise at WASP, Morse and his collaborators will create volumetric visualisations for the full-dome (planetarium) format representing both empirical and aesthetic features of the data and eliciting an understanding of complex connections between parameters that would not have been revealed or communicated in any other way."


New Exibition !!

Have just returned from a busy stint in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The interest in the works has been fantastic.
SatArt works will be on display at Clicknet Internet Cafe, as part of the Regional Art Street Exhibition. Come in and take a look at the latest works.


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Amazing Fusion of Science and Art

I have been working on a couple of other projects over the last few weeks, 1 week on a photographic exhibition, and this week on 9 pieces of Brut art, which are nearly finished. I did get the chance to do some research on the ol' puter--what else do you do at 2 am?- and have found some amazing "stuff" that other artists are doing. I have totally fallen in love with the concept of "New Media" art.There is so much scope to be creative with reality and science, the patterns of nature, soundwaves, etc. It appears to be a process of "connecting" , a realization that we are viewing the world and ourselves from a totally different perspective.
The enpowerment of technology. It doesn't seem enough to just produce a painting that is just pleasing to the eye, anymore. Not to the New Media artists anyway. Dr Paul Schofield is a doctor who produces art based on medicine and DNA studies. I have fully connected to his expression and I love his work. Patricia Piccinini is an other widely aclaimed new media artist-
check out her work at The mind boggles.
Pierre Proske makes the most beautiful patterns from sound waves.Inspired by repeating visual units in Japanese textile design Voiceprints, created by Pierre Proske, uses specially-designed software to translate voice patterns into a design. More specifically, Proske loops and analyzes frequencies to create an algorithm that organizes visual elements into a representation of a person's voice.
Like a synaesthetic version of DNA11 prints made using genetic material, each spiraling abstract voiceprint is uniquely characteristic of an individual speaker according to their intonation. Proske aims to bring the project full circle by turning the designs into textiles in the near future.
Proske's art needs some serious thought. There is obviously a hell of a lot more tolistening to Music than we know. There is so much more to art than Cubism and Pointellism and Impressionism, and Jackson Pollock!!

For those interested or just needing some new inspiration:

Satart is on the right track.


The new definition for satellite art


satart : Satart describes art originally derived from satellite images, and manipulated into artistic expressions by means of computer software, or paint. The word is a literal abbreviation from the word satellite, with the addition of the word art. It also stands for "space and time art" ,or "subjective art & time" Usage: Artists and satart painters from around the globe , who follow certain guidelines,are said to be part of the satart movement

Submitted by: artspvs from Australia on Mar. 07, 2009 23:13

The value in the art will come from it's time and place in history and the formation of a new movement. Please contact Van Sprang to lodge expressions of interest in offically being part of the movement. Plans for a global exhibition are currently being formulated.


Over the past few days, a lot of research has gone into establishing a paper to discuss and define what Satellite art, or Satart, as I now call it, is. Please read the paper on You can follow the discussion with fellow artist Eef, preceding the paper on http://http//,
Any comments can be emailed direct to me or left on either blog. Cheers